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Monday, November 24, 2008

Please spend some time to read..........May God Bless us all

My dear Humane brothers and sisters,

I am Dr. Faruq Salaam, a physician in the Baghdad National Hospital.
At the moment we are facing the worst attack on our nation and on our people by the American and British invaders. Heavy bombs fall day and
night on our city,and hundreds of innocent civilians have died, and
thousands have been injured.
You have seen the American bombs landing even in market places and residences where there is no military presence. Every day I see dozens of men, women and children in my hospital, who are horribly wounded,
maimed, mutilated and scarred for life. Many people have lost their senses
from this constant bombardment, and will never be sane again. Our electricity is gone, and food and water are running out. We are short of medicine and bandages for treating the wounded.
At this time, I want to ask: why has this war been imposed on us? We had
not harmed anyone. We had not threatened the USA. There were no Iraqi
terrorists in those who attacked the World Trade Center. Was it not the Americans themselves who built up Saddam Hussein? Why was the US so now desparate to rush in for this war, even though the UN was against it and several nations pleaded to continue the weapons inspections? What did
the US want to hide from the world?
Where are the much trumpeted "Weapons of Mass Destruction", where are the
nuclear, chemical and biological weapons we are supposed to have?
Why have they not been found even after so many months of inspections and so many days of American and British occupation?
Why did not Saddam not use them even to defend himself at this stage? Aren't these all lies of Bush the bastard son, who wanted to invade Iraq to get our oil, and to avenge his father?
Why didn't the US take action when Israel violated 37 UN resolutions over
the last 45 years. Why doesn't it stop it from illegally occupying Palestine?
What is the Great White Satan doing when Israel kills Palestinians every day,and blatantly declares its nuclear weapons?
What did the US do while India violated the UN resloution and keeps occupying Kashmir?
Why was it quiet when the Russians massacred Chechenians?
Is their punishment only reserved for Muslims?
They attacked Afghanistan, even though there was no evidence that Bin Laden
was involved in the 9/11 attack. The Western media itself acknowledged that
Bin Laden was created by America, but more than 30,000 Afghan civilians
were killed in revenge for 3000 Americans. Is the life of Muslims so cheap?
Now thousands of Iraqis have been killed just to satisfy the lust for blood
and oil of George Bush and his henchmen. The idiot son has taken advice
from his evil father and slaughtered so many innocent people - is there no
justice in the world?
And all you muslims are silent.
Think, sleepers, think! After Iraq,who will be next?
Syria, Libya, Iran, Pakistan?
Do you muslims think that the Americans will be satisfied after vanquishing Iraq?
They need an external enemy to keep their public's attention diverted from
their own problems.
After collapse of Communism, Islam is the next enemy. All you muslims are now considered terrorists and therefore, must be eliminated.Yet, you will not fight. You are weak and divided.
But I ask you, if you are too afraid to fight the Americans, why are you too
afraid even to say that this war is wrong?
Why are there no Muslim countries lobbying in the UN, asking for an end to this illegal war?
Why are there so few demonstrations in the streets. There was a bigger demonstration in London than in all the Muslim countries put together. What a shame!
Why do you muslims still go to American McDonald's and KFC?
Will you die if you don't eat their junk food? or drink their Pepsi and Coca cola?
Why do you still wear American things?
Can't you live without Nike and Reebok?
Why do you still visit their country and spend your money there?
You are treated with suspicion, followed and watched, searched and humiliated. Yet you want to visit Disneyland and Las Vegas?
And you want to give your money to these people so they can make more bombs and bullets?
Why do you still give them contracts and work?
Can't this work be done by yourself or other nationals?
Why do you still sell them oil?
If you are so afraid to stop its supply, at least increase its price! The oil price increase in the 70's brought the Western powers to their knees and showed them the real power of the muslims.
Why do you now favour them and provide them cheap oil, so they can fill
their tanks and planes?
Why do you still keep your money in their banks?
They pay you low interest rates, and freeze the money anytime they like simply by alleging you are helping terrorists. Why can't you transfer all your money to banks owned by Muslim countries? Remember - every dollar removed from an American bank will reduce their economy by 7 dollars
- just ask any economist. And the biggest deposits in their banks are of Muslims, especially Arabs.
Why do you still invest in their stock markets?
They are not giving you any profit anyway. Their stock market is built on hype and accounting frauds, and will soon collapse like Enron and Worldcom. Get your money out before you lose it.
Humane! I appeal to you to think, and act. The US will not stop even after
this war. It will find more "terrorists", more muslims to humiliate and
bomb and kill. The next time it may be your country, your loved ones, who are the one's being shot and blown up.
I appeal to you to get this message to all the humanes you know. Forward it
to all humanes who have internet, and give printed copies to all those who don't.Translate it for those who cannot understand English, and get it printed in newspapers. If you are all united and work together, you may save
I may not be alive tomorrow, but I hope you have a long and healthy life May
Allah help us all.

Dr. Faruq Salaam

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