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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A message to all members of Human saint

1200 people killed so far, among which 1099 were civilians, 400 were children, only 95 were resistance fighters, 6000 injured. 4000 residential buildings to rubble and damaged 16000 other houses during unwanted attack by Zionist Regime (Israel) on innocent Gazans living in world's densly populated area of Gaza strip.

The only sin of these Gazans was that they resisted for their freedom from the illegal state of Israel which was formed on their motherland of Palestine in 1948. Not only this, from last three months, these zionist has surrounded the Gaza strip from all the sides of land and sea, making Gaza an open air prison.

In deadliest ever attack in its history, these cruel Israelis killed huge number of innocent children, women and elderly people tagging them as millitants. Its really STRANGE, and world is still quite.

We as a human, condemn these brutal acts of Israel and give our full support to the freedom fighters of Palestinian people. We are standing today with our leaders who ordered all Muslims so to non muslim to stand firm and show our solidarity with innocent Palestinians.
7:02 PM 1/21/2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have a thought about this

by Zameer Abbas on January 14, 2009 at 12:15pm

Salams to All

Lets not waste our time with fake profiles ..

Global govt of Israel is a fake profile .. with what ever aim ..

No way can a zionist waste his time ..

I have challenged her many times but she has always ran away ..

Like Khandak and khaibar ..

Anyway ..

Remember Zulm can never win over Mazloom ..

How many have been murdered ..

If killing innocent children was the cretireion of winning .. then .. Of course Israel would have won..

But stop dreaming..

wars are won or lost on objectives and aim of the wars ..

Occupation Captivity Aggression Barabarism Cruelty Masssacre and Genocide -Holocaust crime against humanity ....

This is written on the forhead of every Israeli ...zionist

This can be termed as shame or win .. The choice is ... .

To be human you need to have a heart which has feeling .. killing more than 400 innocent children and being proud abt it .. i cant c how humans can have feeelings ..

Bombing a house knowing that a family including childrens are insiode (According to observers). and bombing them and burning the houses and human body flesh and bones .. Seeing Humans in flames and being proud about it ..

Shame on those so called Liberal modern and Capitalistic ppl..... Gods wraath will be very close and we are nearing our end ..

There was an age when people use to win wars by scaring others .. The defiance to submit to evil power of hamas has shown that such days are gone... So Israel will never win .. till it kills every1 in gaza ..

killing is not equal to winning and Israel needs to realise this facts and forget the high handedness and realise that the days of dealing with puppets in Palestine has gone bye ..

Anyway .... Shame on all humans who are quiet and also all Arab leaders who are silent ..

Shame on all those ppl who can do something but choose to leave Human beings hungry thirsty without medicine and without electricity .

Shame on all those ..


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Media Bias - Palestine and Israel


Rules of the Western Media in dealing with the Middle East - 1
Rule 1: See the Middle East through Israeli eyes.
Rule 2: Treat American and Israeli governmental statements as hard news.
Rule 3: Ignore the historical context.
Rule 4: Avoid the fundamental legal and moral issues posed by the Israeli occupation.
Rule 5: Suppress or minimize news unfavorable to the Israelis.
Rule 6: Muddy the waters when necessary.
Rule 7: Credit all Israeli claims, even if wholly unfounded.
Rule 8: Doubt all Palestinian assertions, no matter how self-evident.
Rule 9: Condemn only Palestinian violence.
Rule 10: Disparage the international consensus supporting Palestinian rights.
– The Media's Middle East Rules of Engagement by Robin Miller, 06 June 2002

Misuse of words and phrases
By the use of words such as "clashes" or "fierce fighting between the Israelis and the Palestinian militants", the corporate media give the impression that there is a parity between the two sides. As the chart on the right shows, this is far from the truth. This explains why the number of Israeli military casualties in the 'clashes' is almost always zero.

For a list of misleading words and phrases see Alternative Media and Criticism of Western media -- Read it .. u neeed to know it ..

When zionis (real ones) not fakies speak .. they will use these terminologies..

What you say on one of this o people of the world?

Cant expect less than this from a terrorist..

You already used all your strength to demolish the Great State of Israel.. but were unsuccessful since last 60 years... now no one is with you. All the Arab states, and rest of world recognizes the state of Israel.. demolishing the state of Israel is nothing but a day dream...

If we wish.. we can still give you West Bank and Gaza Strip.. but only if u behave properly.. u POOR GUYS

Come out of myths.. tell your leaders of Arab worlds to be with you atleast.. and believe on your Allah..