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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A message to all members of Human saint

1200 people killed so far, among which 1099 were civilians, 400 were children, only 95 were resistance fighters, 6000 injured. 4000 residential buildings to rubble and damaged 16000 other houses during unwanted attack by Zionist Regime (Israel) on innocent Gazans living in world's densly populated area of Gaza strip.

The only sin of these Gazans was that they resisted for their freedom from the illegal state of Israel which was formed on their motherland of Palestine in 1948. Not only this, from last three months, these zionist has surrounded the Gaza strip from all the sides of land and sea, making Gaza an open air prison.

In deadliest ever attack in its history, these cruel Israelis killed huge number of innocent children, women and elderly people tagging them as millitants. Its really STRANGE, and world is still quite.

We as a human, condemn these brutal acts of Israel and give our full support to the freedom fighters of Palestinian people. We are standing today with our leaders who ordered all Muslims so to non muslim to stand firm and show our solidarity with innocent Palestinians.
7:02 PM 1/21/2009

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