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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The horrors of Palestine endure.

The dark forces of Zionism have been take aback at worldwide multi-curtural and multi-faith (Including true Torah Jews) condemnation of their latest massacre against the Palestinians - a savaged people who have endured their living nightmare for 80 years.

But the Zionazi desire for blood is growing once more.

BB (Big Babi) Netanyahu - the man the Israeli's themselves reported as been given warnings on the morning f July 7th 2005 before any bombs went off, threatens more wars backed by compliant Obama and Slavish Gordon Brown. The same old story.

THE ISSUE REMAINS, and the killing continues, after all, there is still a few pockets of Palestine the Zionists haven't manage to thieve yet.

And so dear friends, I ask you not to let it escape your mind to allow yourself you have given all you can. (Much thanks to those unselfish people who have contributed so far).